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Any company looking to maintain relevancy in today's digital world needs to maintain a strong web presence. More often than not, new customers will find you by looking up businesses on the internet that offer products and services you offer. WordPress is one of the most popular website content management systems (CMS). Up to 40% of websites on the web are built using WordPress. If you decide to use WordPress for your business site needs, it's good to invest in a website support service.

Why Use WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source CMS platform typically used to create websites coded in the PHP programming language and backed with a MySQL database. It's a top choice among companies within various industries because it's relatively simple to create and deploy a landing page. In addition, the flexibility of WordPress CMS allows users to design customized sites that fit their needs, including:

  • Blogs — Websites devoted to sharing more personal content like commentary and reviews.
  • E-commerce sites — Sites dedicated to selling online goods and services.
  • Business sites — Sites designed to establish a company's online presence.
  • Membership sites — Websites that charge a fee for access to content.
  • Portfolio sites — Offer individuals a way to showcase skills like writing or artwork.

What Is A WordPress Support Service?

A WordPress support service manages your WordPress website. While setting up a WordPress site can be a simple process, it helps to have a professional on hand for ongoing maintenance. Companies that offer WordPress support services have a lot of experience working with the solution. So instead of you having to spend a lot of time tweaking your website, your WordPress Support service steps in to handle any changes.

You should consider paying for support services if you're new to WordPress. There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes within WordPress. For example, if your site suddenly starts glitching, WordPress support services can quickly resolve the issue and get you back online, which helps you avoid extended downtime.

Some major benefits that come with paying for a WordPress support service include:

  • Protecting your site from potential security breaches
  • Handling critical technical issues quickly
  • Having more time to spend on other tasks

What Should a WordPress Support Service Offer?

Below are some tips on what you should look for when shopping for WordPress support services.

1. Support Coverage

Keep skill level in mind when looking into WordPress maintenance services. For example, if you or someone on your staff has considerable development skills and is comfortable working with the WordPress backend, you may not necessarily need around-the-clock coverage. Instead, you may want to consider a plan where your site only receives services when there's a problem.

However, if you're not that skilled, it's better to spring for ongoing support coverage. That helps you establish a relationship with your WordPress maintenance provider. In addition, ongoing support often provides faster responses and more expanded coverage when there's an issue. If you're new to WordPress, think about purchasing an ongoing service plan that provides:

  • 24-7 support
  • 48-hour turnaround response
  • US-based services

2. Security Support

One of the drawbacks of its popularity is that WordPress sites are frequently targets for cyber attacks. If a hacker finds a way into your website code, they could leave behind malware, viruses, and other malicious code. Bad actors could also leave behind a bot that steals customer information or hijacks your site for ransom, damaging your company's reputation.

Your WordPress support services should include protection against these kinds of attacks. They can search for and patch any vulnerabilities. In addition, WordPress maintenance plans should keep your website updated with the latest code to help thwart bad actors.

3. Additional Content Support

If you're not skilled at website design, look for WordPress support services that provide website creation and design services. In addition, you can have them add new content or set up basic layout pages to reuse throughout your website. Many WordPress management services also handle:

  • Link maintenance
  • Adding items to menus
  • Updating navigation menus
  • Adding and updating images
  • Unlimited support tasks

4. Easily Understood Price Structure

Go with a company that offers you clear terms for WordPress support service pricing. Some offer discounts if you need help with more than one website. Longer contract terms can also lead to more friendly pricing terms. Look at the number of support hours provided with each tier level to ensure you're getting all the coverage necessary to maintain your WordPress site.

Explore WordPress Support Services

Paying for WordPress maintenance can be a worthwhile investment. You can focus on what's most important while a team of WordPress professionals relieves you of the stress of maintaining a website.