Managed WordPress

WordPress can be a fickle beast. Building a new website on it can be easy and straightforward but maintaining WordPress is a whole different story. Our managed WordPress service handles everything from hosting and setup to updating and security. We monitor daily and keep your website running smooth and fast.

What Is a Managed WordPress Service?

WordPress Maintenance is a series of critical tasks you should undertake to ensure your website functions correctly all the time. The best WordPress maintenance tasks include:

Regular Backups

Set up your backup system to remove worry and stress. If you have a backup in place, if something happens to your website, you can restore it from the backup. In addition, you can create a schedule that automates your backup so you are not manually pushing it.

WordPress Updates

WordPress support releases regular software updates. These updates include plugins and themes that you have installed in addition to WordPress Core. It is critical to the proper functioning of your website that you install all updates. If these updates are not installed, it can cause a threat to your website's security. In addition, it may leave you open to attacks.

Maintain Your Database

If your website has a good amount of traffic, maintaining your database is crucial. However, doing this increases the load time and speed optimization for your website. In addition, you will decrease the number of database errors you receive. WordPress maintenance and support offers plugins to help clean your database. 

Remove Spam

One of the features of WordPress that is not as secure as others is the comment and user creation options. You may find that you have a large number of subscribers and comments. In addition, you may find that you have a high volume of comments that seem harmless on the surface. However, most of the time, there are bots spamming your website.

The best way to address this is to download a plugin that allows you to disable comments. Most likely, you do not need comments on your website so that you can disable them without worry.

Managed WordPress Service

Why Is Maintenance Important? 

The best WordPress maintenance services are essential for your website because they keep it secure. WordPress is open source which means developers are able to create new features and custom development. However, this keeps WordPress websites open to being attacked by hackers.

WordPress developers are constantly working to stay ahead of hackers to develop updates that strengthen your security. This makes it essential for you to update your website regularly.

Your website is intended to make you and your business accessible to visitors, which may be customers or potential customers. However, if visitors come to your home page and find an error, you may have turned them off from your business forever. Even worse, they may tell others not to visit your website or do business with you. Uptime monitoring allows you to track any downtime on your website. 

WordPress support allows you to put many modules and plugins, like uptime monitoring, in place which make up the bulk of your website. These functions need regular basic maintenance tasks and updates to ensure they function correctly.

Why Do You Need It? 

WordPress maintenance service includes a wide range of tasks to continually improve and monitor your website's quality, performance, and security. One of the most robust features of WordPress is that you can scale your website as your business grows.

You want to expand your website as the scope of your business grows. When you do your regular WordPress website maintenance service, you can take advantage of that time to expand your website to match your organization.

Often, the basic maintenance of your WordPress site is overlooked. Business owners often create a website and do not look at it again. This is a fatal mistake.

Your website is a critical piece of your marketing plan. It is an excellent way to let your customers get to know you and your company.

In addition, when you have a WordPress maintenance service in place, it helps to reduce your stress and worry about your website. Every aspect of website maintenance is essential, especially having an automated backup scheduled. You know that a backup is always available for you to use in case you lose all of your data.

While no one wants that to happen, you have a backup available to you if it does. With a few simple WordPress maintenance tasks as part of your WordPress website maintenance plan, you can feel secure that your website functions properly at all times.

WordPress emergency support is always available with WordPress experts to help you address all of your website edits and needs.