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Best Ways to Create Robust Forms for WordPress


Website forms can be a powerful addition to your website. Use them right, and you'll witness your website becoming a revenue engine scaling to new heights.

You might be taken aback to learn the numerous ways web online forms can transform your business. Let's take a deep dive into some of the innovative use-cases:

1. Use Contact Forms To Get Closer to Your Goals

Sure, contact forms are powerful forms that top the list. Practically, your website boasts of having one, but are you maximizing it? Many sites fail here.

While your guests can wait after hitting that contact button and sending their messages, don't let this be your habit. Be sure the plugin sends you an automated email notification whenever a visitor submits the simple contact form or registration form. Remember to reply as soon as possible and ensure you stay on top of their needs.

Some messages may be urgent and need immediate action. Find a plugin that can alert you immediately through text/ SMS notifications, Slack, Trello, or similar channels. Pronto!

2. Expand Your Subscription Lists with Creative Newsletter Subscription Newsletters

You can easily get stock subscription forms from behemoths like Constant Contact and MailChimp to increase your subscribers. But they tend to be inflexible and 'locked' regarding functions, design, aesthetics, and placement.

Sure, these online form builders work, but it's time to skyrocket your subscription lists' growth. The secret is to bring out your creativity and create a dedicated form that will get noticed easily.

With a dedicated forms solution, similar to google forms or Zoho forms, you can add captivating images, custom-style the fields, and inject a header text with a CTA. Also, you can set the form to pop up when a visitor does a specific action on your page.

3. Use Quizzes to Spur Engagement

Who is your favorite character in Star Wars? Which Friends character are you? Such quizzes must have been thrown to you somewhere. The truth is, they can be a fun way of spurring engagement and take your marketing game a notch higher.

Any WordPress form, like online form builders, that come with calculations capability can help you create quizzes easily. Let every answer have its calculation value. Then based on the user's score, conditionally show them a success notification at the end.

4. Qualify Your Leads as They Land Home

No two potential leads are the same- their values can range widely. Your sales crew needs a form to estimate a new lead's value from the word 'go' to help it set priorities. This can be found with credit card capture, online payments, or form entries.

You can borrow the above tactic to qualify your leads: combine conditional logic plus calculations and apply within the form. Assign values to every question to get the overall qualification score for every lead. You can use an exact form for this.

Conditionally message the right staff members about high-quality leads based on the qualification scores. You can even deliver a customized email notification to congratulate the team. The ideas are limitless.

5. Collect Customer Feedback to Enrich Your Arsenal of Insights

What are your users saying? The answer will help improve your business and grab those big growth opportunities quickly. So listen to your customers actively without waiting for the word of mouth to finally trickle down. You can create beautiful forms that are effective forms for this.

Continuous client feedback will guide your offering's future direction. What's more, feeling the paying customer's pulse gives you a competitive advantage.

Embedding a form or multi-page forms to gather client feedback is painless yet very powerful. You can place the form anywhere on the web pages or link to follow-up emails. Be sure to get notifications to stay on top of new submissions.

And since every business will always encounter unhappy users, why don't you set conditional logic to get alerts immediately whenever a complaint is hurled at you?

6. Integrate with Your CRM service Painlessly

As you expand your business, remember to take care of the expanding customer relationship management needs. The internet is awash with powerful CRM services. From Zoho to Salesforce and ConvertKit to Capsule, you're spoilt for choice. But many businesses still struggle with getting customer details from their sites to the CRM platform.

A forms solution that enables reliable and stable integration to your chosen CRM service will save you this pain. Navigating inside your CRM can often be stressful enough. So don't allow custom integration or manual migration of data to stress you more.

7. Let Users Submit Media Files in Just a Few Clicks

You may want to allow people to upload audio, video recordings, photographs, and other media files to your site for various reasons (think entertainment and education). A suitable WordPress form creator software solution makes this idea both secure and seamless.

With a robust plugin, you can use a single field to drag and drop a media file. To cut down on junk submissions, ensure your question types and field types can be limited with the types, extensions, and other factors of every file submitted.

The plugin should also allow you to upload the submissions to a storage provider (think Amazon S3 or Dropbox). You don't want them to gulp down your server's storage space.

8. Enable Posts From Users Without their an Access to the Dashboard

To post content in WordPress, a user usually has to register and log in. This arrangement may not be ideal for some circumstances. For instance, if a high school student posts their research papers on your site, things can go south quickly.

Fortunately, a web types of form can help users to create posts without accessing the dashboard. Just be sure the form builder has a front-end posting capability. This is similar to payment forms or form responses.

The forms solution should enable you to categorize and tag those posts. Also, you should be able to moderate the posts before they go alive.

9. Allow Users to Register and Become Family

If you're content with the basic registration of users, WordPress's own process will do the magic, especially if you know how to operate them appropriately. Yet, if you desire to take the game higher, a dedicated plugin will help you customize simple forms for this purpose. However, some of them have a steep learning curve.

The best form builder should help you register and manage guests and clients from the convenience of your unlimited forms. They can sign up, log in, and spice up their profiles with bio text and files.

10. Populate Digital and Physical Documents From a Web Form

You may want to fill out paper or digital documents creating file uploads in a specific order. If you thought a web form could not help you do that, you're wrong.

Choose a form that allows integration with a service like WebMerge. Then populate the pre-formatted document and retain or send it to a person. Simply scan or upload the document into Webmerge, map the form fields to specific areas of the document that you need to fill out, and make the form available. Voila!

The result is an auto-populated and carefully formatted document that's ready to start serving users. This tactic is excellent if you desire specific documentation.

11. Accept Donations Like a Pro

Web forms can also help you excel in collecting donations. Yes, having a PayPal button can still work. But if you desire a touch of professionalism and exercise increased control, consider using web forms with pre-built templates for event registration and donations. They have basic themes but they also have customizable themes. Simply integrate the forms with Stripe, PayPal, and other payment gateways.

With a robust donation form, you can collect submitters' details (the same way you do with your contact forms or a subscription fee). And for recurring fixed donations, you can integrate it with Stripe, Recurly, or any other suitable subscriptions service.

12. Take Frustrations Out Of the Event Registrations Process

If you've ever coordinated an event, you understand the pain of managing many people. WordPress forms will help you stay organized and eliminate chaos.

As people register and schedule time slots or events, you can sort through the forms with ease. You can limit the number of registrations, block off time frames, and populate details into spreadsheets automatically for advanced analysis.

You can also send registration confirmations, notify specific event planners through custom alerts, and collect payments.

13. Modernize the Job Applications

The internet has taken the hassles of paperwork out of the job-hunting process. Applicants' dream jobs can be just a few clicks away if they play their cards well. Your business needs to be abreast with this trend if you look to attract high-quality talents.

WordPress forms provide a seamless way of accepting uploaded resumes, CVs, and certificates. Users can register, apply for a job, and submit the required documents through accessible forms.

Pro tip: with some form builders, you can use conditional logic and form calculations to grade the applicants automatically as they submit their information. Did your dream applicant's submission finally land home? You can ping them a congratulation message.

14. Let Clients Submit Reviews and Testimonials

Do you want to be the king and queen in your niche? Remember this: Current and potential buyers should always have their say plus way. Most buyers read reviews before making their final decision. Positive testimonials and reviews from past customers can easily convince any adamant purchaser.

The right form builder and application forms comes with features you require to enable customers to submit reviews on the product page. Also, it should have a star rating. Remember to moderate the ratings.

And a bonus tip for this use case? Use conditional logic and alerts to notify you whenever a user leaves low ratings. That way, you get a chance to follow up immediately and solve things before they spin out of control.

Wrap Up

Our WordPress sites can take up almost every job thrown at them. From new leads qualifications to accepting donations and selling items, the internet has the right WordPress plugin for every task.

For this and more use cases, contact PossibleWeb now.